Gourmet Macarons Custom Order Prices

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Discounts apply to large orders.

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Individual Macarons | Custom Macarons 

A minimum order of 12 macarons per colour /flavour applies. A list of flavours can be found here!

Macarons (4.5cm diameter) | $30 per dozen ($2.50 each)

Mini Macarons (3cm diameter) | $21.60 per dozen ($1.80 each)

Gender Reveal Macarons (white macaron with either a pink or blue centre hidden with a neutral colour filling) | $2.75 each


Custom Shaped Macarons | starting from $3.30 each (individual quotes required)

Additional Options:

Coloured Glitter or Splash Effect | $0.50 per macaron

Custom Airbrush Pattern | $10 template fee + $0.50 per macaron

Full Gloss Airbrush Shell | $1.00 per macaron

Painted Gloss Stripe | $0.80 per macaron        

Full Extra Gloss Painted Macaron | $1.50 per macaron       

24k Gold Leaf | $1.80 per macaron